Starring in new miniseries!

First off, the “Titus” DVD that’s set to be released August 15 in the US is going to be a special collector’s edition filled with trailers, costume gallery, commentary and a behind the scenes documentary.

And some more exciting news to report thanks to Caroline for passing it along. Jonathan is set to star in a new TV miniseries but this time for US cable channel A&E. As reported by Yahoo, Orson Welles 1942 film “The Magnificent Ambersons” is being remade using the original shooting script. Jonathan will star along with James Cromwell, Madeleine Stowe, Jennifer Tilly and Thora Birch. The miniseries will be directed by Alfonso Arau and will air sometime next year. “The Magnificent Ambersons” is based on a Booth Tarkington 1918 novel and revolves around the decline of a wealthy family at start of the 1900’s.

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