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There is a small feature on “Gormenghast” in the new May 2000 Vanity Fair (thanks Taarna). No new images but the first major mention of “Gormenghast” in a US publication. Here’s a particularly nice quote:

“As for Steerpike, the lithe Lucifer who escapes from the kitchen, he’s played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in a protean performance. Don’t let the Burne-Jones mouth fool you–he’s Irish, with quicksilver instincts at his service. His energy, his beauty, his punk abandon–Meyers makes Steerpike a Mozartean antihero, the wrong kind of sublime. He gets you every time.”

Finally found out some word of a possible “Titus” UK release in May. Ooh! Go vote for Jonny at this completely unscientific Sexiest Man Alive poll. You can vote as many times as possible (note: it’s very easy to vote MANY times if you use your space bar creatively). Jonny is currently in 3rd place. Woohoo!

And here’s some very cool news. You can pre-order a copy of Titus: The Illustrated Screenplay over at Amazon.com. They say it’s due this month to come out. Let’s hold our breath because it says it’s going to feature over 80 photos!!! Aaahhh!!!

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