The Tribe airing on BBC Prime

The BBC documentary on the making of “Gormenghast” is set to air on BBC America April 1 at 11:30 pm EST. It will be repeated on April 2 and 3. Check out their website to find out exact times.

In other news (thanks to the report at the All that glitters website), for those in Europe who have the cable channel BBC Prime, “The Tribe” is going to be aired this Sunday, March 12. Check out their website to see if they will be showing it in your country. This is the rarest and most sought after Jonny film. If you get a copy of this, you will be many people’s new best friend.

And lastly, if you missed getting Shivers magazine with Jonny on the cover, you can order a copy online, for US or UK customers at their online website. You can also order a copy of Cult Times #53, February 2000 that featured an interview with Jonathan and TV Zone #123, February 2000 that has a feature on “Gormenghast”.

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