Ride With The Devil premieres

The official site for Ride With The Devil will hopefully be opening soon as the November 24 limited release date draws near. “Ride With The Devil” premiered at the London Film Festival and has been getting all round rave reviews. The Irish Times mentioned that “effectively cast as the most dangerous and unhinged of them is the young Irish actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.”

Currently, you can preorder a copy of The Art of Gormenghast online (you can order from the US or other places internationally through Amazon.co.uk). This book will be providing insight into the making of this BBC miniseries and will feature profiles, images, preproduction designs and interviews with the cast and crew. It’s due out January 20. You can also preorder a video about the making of “Gormenghast”. This video will be in PAL format only which is not the same as North America’s VHS format. For those in the UK or with PAL formatted VCR’s, you can order this video for £19.99 via phone with a credit card. Call 01795 414731 and use the reference number BBCV6831. (Thanks to Lyle for that bit of info!)

Lastly, check out this excellent interview Jonathan did with Jonathan Ross from the BBC recently.

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