J17, November 1998

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“My mother knew I was a star when I was four years old,” says spunky Irish-born actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. And now it looks like the rest of the world shares his mum’s opinion as Jonathan hits the screens this month in the long-awaited glam-rock flick Velvet Goldmine. Jonathan plays Brian Slade, a dodgily named, blue-haired rawk star who fakes his own death and, gasp, gets to snog Ewan McGregor.

But Jonathan’s no newcomer to the world of film. You might have spotted him in Michael Collins or Telling Lies in America and he’s also in yet another new film, The Governess, with Minnie Driver. In it he plays Henry, the eldest son of a wealthy family, who gets expelled from university and returns home to make merry with the hired help, played by our Minnie. Oh, and he gets his kit off, but laid-back Jonathan took it all in his stride. “I don’t have a problem with my body image,” he says breezily.

Jonathan’s renowned for his flirty ways, but he’s determined not to let all this star stuff go to his head. “I’d really like to be known as a nice guy,” he explains. Offscreen, the Meyerster’s locking lips with Toni Collette, his wife in Velvet Goldmine, though there are rumours the relationship may have already bitten the dust.

If not, don’t be too disappointed – he’s got three young brothers who he reckons are all drop-dead gorgeous. Form an orderly queue here, girls.

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