More on the Mystery of the Last Name

Jonny’s long hair in Cannes was fake – hair extensions. My instincts that someone could not grow hair that fast proved right… he still looked the ‘part’ in promoting the glam rock flick “Velvet Goldmine”, didn’t he?

One of Jonathan’s films that never got released, recently aired on UK television, “The Tribe”. Thanks to those who emailed me about this film!

And finally, it appears the correct spelling of Jonathan’s last name is: Rhys-Meyers. His name has been spotted spelled: Rhys Myers, Rhys-Myers (by the Internet Movie Database and “The Governess” official web site), and Rhys Meyers. I’m keeping the dash in for now since I am not even sure this is the 100% correct way to spell his last name. I have to verify by checking the credits to one of his films. Sorry for that confusion!

In a recent review of “Velvet Goldmine” by the Irish Times, there was a mention that both Ewan McGregor and Jonathan sing three songs each in the film. This leads to thinking perhaps, they both sing, instead of lipsynch in the concert scenes in the film. The review said that Jonathan sounded very Bryan Ferry-esque(Roxy Music). Hopefully this proves true!

Lastly, there is a pic of Jonathan and Toni Collette from Cannes in the August issue of InStyle Magazine, a pic of Jonathan with Minnie Driver from “The Governess” in the August 1998 Movieline magazine and Jonathan was featured as one of the 100 most creative people in Hollywood in a special summer double issue of Entertainment Weekly. They named him the Glamour Boy. Both pix can be found in the Gallery.

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